• New Sweepstakes Hosted By Sportscaster Scott Tucker

    A brand new sweepstakes is scheduled to take place this May with sportscaster Scott Tucker to host the festivities.

    Scott Tucker has been a sports announcer since as a child he would copy the sportscaster on television with pretend microphone and earpiece to match. He started doing live announcing at local little league games as early as 12, barely older than the players themselves. From there he branched out to other sports, doing much of announcing for his school’s football and baseball teams home games.

    “He knew all there was to know about whatever teams were playing,” says long time friend and colleague Henry Sulter. “There would be times he would announce the away teams next batter, giving a description and history that could only be matched by the players own parents. He lived and breathed sports, and if he wasn’t announcing at any given moment, he was either sleeping or studying everything there was to know about the next game.”

    The Main St. Park is no stranger to community gatherings, most recently hosting the local firefighter’s fundraiser. It’s in it’s fourth decade of existence and growing stronger by the year.

    “This park is the cornerstone of the community when it comes to getting the people together,” says local firefighter John Timmons. “Whenever there is a large event, the park is almost always the location of choice. With 3 separate small playgrounds, plenty of open space, and more than enough facilities, you’d be hard pressed to find a better spot.”